Direction Gema Galiana

Performers: Gema Galiana, Julian Sandoval, Anthony Nikolchev

The original score by Michael Daregon
The Lighting Designer is Jorge Luis Urrea
Set Consultant is Mark Kanieff
Assistant Director Mauricio Gomez Amoretti


The Last One” - “Directed by Gema Galiana, THE LAST ONE is an intense and very physical exploration into the struggles between building up and the tearing down of society. It is a physical tour-de-force for the three actors, they are exciting to watch.
— See Dance News

The last Kauaʻi ʻōʻō was a male, and its song was recorded for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Bioacoustics Research Program. The male was recorded singing a mating call, to a female that would never come. It died in 1987.

“Today’s electrifying performance by Gema Galiana and two other actors will surely remain etched in the memory of spectators for long for the manner it showcased the unique universal and timeless potential of the human body as a powerful tool of expression so as to stir emotions and responses in an audience.”

                                                                                                                                                           - Daily Excelsior

This is physical theater. The choreography and staging, though sometimes brutal and violent, is beautiful due to its authenticity and realism. None of the actors hold back. They are fearless.
— Jeff Slayton, See Dance News
extraordinary performance...I can only describe this play as a must see – surreal, and yet a compelling questioning of our everyday lives.
— Daniel Donnelly, The Mumble, International Cultural Surveyors

What a gifted show!

Striking beauty of the vital forces ou l’Elan vital !
« Soulistic » performance beating hearts with churning hope and emotional pugnacity
Greatest turbulences ever felt exhausting human passions and his abysmal darknesses
Hideous desert and chaotic spheres
Spirits consumed in an exhilarating Lost Eden
Celebrating Death? Oh non! Voyons this magnetic Warrior Dance for awakening and elevating our cosmic Consciousness~

***Thank you for this magnificent work of heart/art***
The last One had my best tears for the Fringe 2018
— Michelle (Audience member)

The most amazing, mesmerizing, confusing, powerful show I’ve seen this year. It left me feeling heavy and sad amd angry but with a refreshed perspective on many things, as well as with deep appreciate for life. Definitely worth seeing.
— Zala (Audience member)